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Fobet: let's be mentally strong!

Our mission is to provide best counselling therapy sessions and training in Psychology and related domains to people of all ages. Let's be strong for a better future!

Our bestseller courses

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified educational institute. Psychology related Courses, Internships & Therapy sessions available.

Counselling Psychology

This is a basic skill up counselling course designed for beginners so that everyone can learn about how counselling works. It is a 20 hour intensive training program for 1 month. We work on first come first basis and have limited seats.

Child Psychology

Fobet (ISO Certified) offers this super informative course on child psychology. The program includes total 20 hour extensive training.        We have extremely limited seats and work on first come first basis. Contact us to enroll now.

Clinical Psychology

FOBET ( ISO Certified ) presents one month training course in clinical psychology from  RCI Registered clinical psychologist.                            We have extremely limited seats and work on first come first basis. Contact us to enroll now.

Handwriting Analysis

Fobet presents workshop on handwriting analysis. Every letter, stroke and slant has a story to tell Want to learn how to decode your handwriting? Learn from the expert. *By the end of the workshop get your signature analysed for free.

Face Reading Practice Course

This is a practitioner level course which makes you eligible to practice face reading professionally.  Recordings will be provided for all the live lectures .Even if the timings doesn’t suit you, you can complete it with recordings within 6 months of purchasing the course.

Know about Hypnosis

By knowing what actual Hypnosis is we can not only heal others but heal ourselves too. You will get to experience and learn more about your mind and can you use your mind to change habits and thought processes and help you unlock your hidden treasures.

Business Psychology

Learn about business in a whole new light in this 4 day basic training program. You will be taught about what is business psychology and the need for it, along with an understanding of how human beings work in business/ organizational settings, with themselves and with others.

Dream Analysis

Team Fobet offers another workshop on Dream Analysis. You ever had a dream which made you wonder whole day what it could mean. Here's your chance to understand and decode the language of dreams with us. This workshop will help you find answers and learn about dreams.

Our happy team of psychologists

Swati Gupta

Clinical Psychology

Swati is an RCI licensed Clinical Psycologist. She holds an M.Phil degree in Clinical Psychology.

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We spend hours with our students family getting to the heart of their personality, interests, qualifications, and aspirations. What are their strengths and opportunity areas? What is their passion, favorite classes and learning styles?  

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